Investment Prospects and Future Trends of Body Underwear

by:LADYMATE     2022-08-03
1.1. Market demand for body beauty underwear: The body beauty industry has become the fifth largest industry in China (the first is real estate, the second is automobile, the third is IT, and the fourth is the beauty industry). At present, there are 70,000 products related to facial beauty in China. 30,000 daily chemical lines and 40,000 professional lines. Now the competition has entered a white-hot stage, and as the facial beauty industry matures, many large beauty salons are now expanding their business into the beauty field. As an integral part of a beautiful appearance, a perfect body can bring more direct visual stimulation and is the most important embodiment of female beauty. Women like to look at details, women like to look at faces, and men like to look at the whole, so men first look at women's body shape (how is the curve) to directly determine the overall beauty and temperament, so Mr. World chooses beauty standards, no face requirements, no skin color requirements , but with three perimeters. line standard. 2. China's body-building underwear market is huge: According to a survey report issued by an authoritative domestic investigation agency, the annual sales of China's underwear market has reached 70 billion yuan, increasing at a rate of about 20% every year. Behind such huge data growth, there is a huge demand in the underwear market. It is a big cake full of charm. In Korea, Japan, and Taiwan, more than 50% of women wear body-building underwear. In China, only 3-5% of women wear body-building underwear, less than 10% of developed countries and regions. With the development of the economy and the improvement of income level, Chinese women's pursuit of beauty has gradually caught up, surpassing developed countries in Europe, America and Asia, and the demand for Bodysuit has expanded rapidly. Any industry is divided into three stages: disorderly blank market - orderly competition - monopoly. All walks of life have harvested wealth in the disorderly and blank market, noisy in the stage of orderly competition, and monopoly has absorbed most of the interests of the industry giants. So far, there are less than 30 brands of body-building underwear in China, and most of them are not professional. 300,000 to 300,000, how many achievements will there be? Today, the hairdressing industry has achieved many people, the automobile industry has achieved many people, the catering industry has achieved many people, and the IT industry has achieved many people. Today, there is room for the development of beauty underwear from 30 brands to 30,000 brands to 300,000 brands, with great potential for development. At that time, if the domestic 3% could be raised to 30%, the profit would be astronomical. Therefore, the development potential of China's beauty industry is unlimited, and a trillion market will be formed in the next 20 years. Also created a series of great brands and world-class rich.
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