Girls' underwear washing tips

by:LADYMATE     2022-03-26
 Underwear is different from ordinary clothes. The material and fibers are softer and more delicate. Therefore, the most ideal washing method is to use 'warm water' and 'neutral lotion' and lightly press 'hand wash'. Read the label of the underwear carefully. The different patterns on the label represent different washing and maintenance treatment methods. In addition, the Shantou Ladymate Apparel-underwear custom manufacturer reminds you to pay attention to the following points:    1. Check the underwear first before washing the underwear. So as not to hook the fabric during washing.  2. When washing, you should dissolve the neutral lotion in warm water of 30℃-40℃ before putting down the clothes. After soaking for a while, pat it with your hands. Do not wash hard to avoid wearing the fabric.  3. Rinse the lotion thoroughly when cleaning.  4. Do not use fabric softener after washing to avoid damaging the elastic fibers of underwear.   5. After washing, you can't wring it out by hand. You can only wrap it with a dry towel and squeeze it with your hands. After the towel absorbs moisture, straighten the underwear to its original shape.  6. u200bu200bThe clothes are easily deteriorated and faded by the sun, so underwear can only be dried in a cool and ventilated place.  7. The wet bra should be hung at the point between the cup and the cup, and the shoulder strap should not be hung because the weight of the water will stretch the shoulder strap.   8. If the underwear is soiled, it should be cleaned as soon as possible. The longer the time, the more difficult it will be to clean the stains into the fibrous tissue of the material.   9. If there is no indication on the label of the underwear that you must wash it by hand, you must pay attention to washing the underwear for three minutes in a washing machine. Washing for a long time can easily cause discoloration or staining of clothes.   10. When storing, make sure that the underwear is completely dried. You can also put some desiccant in the closet to absorb moisture. Be sure to keep away from insect repellent when storing underwear, because insect repellent is the nemesis of silk and elastic clothing. Once touched, it will become brittle and loose and lose its elasticity.
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