Customized design and materials for body underwear

by:LADYMATE     2021-11-19
Design plan The customized design plan of Bodysuit will be based on the growth and development of human body fat, taking into account the working pressure of each part of the human body and the endocrine system of the unique part, giving strong, medium and weak levels of work. Pressure, because the fabric is a unique hexagonal hand-woven method, straight cutting leads to air brakes, horizontal cutting leads to weak pressure, and diagonal cutting leads to high pressure. According to the ergonomics design, the work pressure release level can be used to make the wearer. It is comfortable and the best way to move body fat. It has the functions of adjusting, styling, and protecting shape. Each product has different functions, and the correct orientation of body fat is also different. Of course, there are certain cutting methods. Therefore, the product must be accurately calculated by technical professional interior designers and tailors, and based on the difference of the human body structure, start from each thread with fine code technology, and go through 360 technical processes. Adjust according to the human body structure. The key materials for the production of apparel and underwear are synthetic fibers such as cotton, silk, and chemical fibers. Pure cotton: It is very easy to be dyed in various colors, and the cotton fiber is very breathable and very breathable. It is the key material for most clothing. But its flexibility is not as good as mulberry silk. The health effect of silk is even more lacking. Mulberry silk: Also known as silk fabric, it is known as the queen of textile products. Everyone accepts it not only because of its beauty, softness, softness and smoothness, but also depends on its unique health care function: melt flow rate. , Anti-static, the water absorption and air permeability of silk underwear are beneficial to adjust the temperature and humidity of the human body. Many people do not know the benefits of silk. They only understand that wearing silk fabrics and pants are cool in summer. In fact, it is not correct. I will introduce you in detail below: The warmth of silk: There are countless small round holes in the cross-section of silk. It is because silk is more breathable and warmer than other fabrics. Clothing underwear made of silk can ensure and adjust the body's calorific value, environmental humidity and temperature. Therefore, silk underwear clothing is warm, comfortable and breathable, and smoother.
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