Custom underwear manufacturers tell you what is the difference between gather underwear and ordinary underwear

by:LADYMATE     2022-02-10
Underwear is a necessity for women, but among the well-known underwear, there are ordinary underwear, shapewear, functional underwear and gather-up underwear. I think we all want to know the difference between gather-up underwear and ordinary underwear? Let us follow the custom underwear manufacturers to find out. The gather bra is a kind of functional bra, which can concentrate the chest from the sides to the middle. This kind of bra is usually thickened on a thin cup, which helps to accumulate fat in the middle and acts as an upward support. Adjustable bras are designed based on the principle of fat exercise. On the basis of ordinary bras, the width of the side ratio is increased, and the armpits and supplementary milk are increased. Some gather bras will add a front buckle, which is more helpful to gather and lock the shape. Wearing this kind of bra, even for small chest MM, you can easily wear the effect of one or even two sizes larger, and it will form an attractive Cleavage. There is a special functional fabric from the lower edge of the adjustable bra cup to the side of the outer ribs, which strengthens the tolerance and support force, making the breasts easier and more durable to present a graceful curve. The L-shaped steel ring is matched with the breathable silk floss, which also reflects the three-dimensional and round effect. Widened rib side protection and strong elastic lining make wearing more stable and safer. The gathering effect of ordinary underwear is not as good as that of gathering underwear, and the shaping of ordinary underwear is a little bit worse. You should pay attention to what kind of bra you are suitable for. Choose according to your breast shape, and don't blindly follow the trend. ! If the chest shape is better, choosing a bra gathered to enhance the charm of a woman's curve; if there are such or other chest shape problems, it is recommended to choose a bra with a woman's heart adjustment function, which will improve the bad chest shape.
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