Custom underwear manufacturers teach you how to wear silicone underwear beautifully

by:LADYMATE     2022-02-08
Silicone underwear is no longer a new underwear vocabulary. It is a kind of invisible underwear made of silicone fabric that has a very similar texture to the skin. It is especially suitable for summer dresses and swimsuits. The following custom underwear manufacturers teach you how to wear silicone underwear beautifully. Can silicone underwear be worn with two superimposed problems. 1. How to wear silicone underwear and the steps to wear an invisible bra correctly. Step 1. Use warm water and shower gel to wash the breast skin before putting on silicone underwear. Dry the skin with a dry towel. The second step is to distinguish the left and right cups of silicone underwear. As everyone knows, silicone underwear has only two cups and the front buckle in the middle, so you must distinguish between the left and right cups and don't get confused! A simple method of distinguishing: the corner point of the cup is the lower with the larger curvature, and the lower with the curvature is up; Step 3, fix the silicone underwear to the correct position of the chest①, turn the two cups of the silicone underwear outwards, using one side at a time Method Put the cup on the position of the chest to be worn; ②, gently smooth the edge of the cup with your fingertips, and then press the cup with both hands for a few seconds to ensure that the silicone underwear can be firmly fixed on the chest; ③, final adjustment The top and bottom and left and right positions of the two cups are aligned to maintain the symmetry of the breast shape. Note: The distance between the two cups should not be too wide or too narrow. Too wide and too tight will affect comfort, and too narrow will have no gathering effect. Step 4, buckle the front buckle of the silicone underwear. Here, the silicone underwear is ready to wear. If you feel that the effect is not ideal, you can follow the above steps of wearing silicone underwear to wear it again. The key is that practice makes perfect. No one can do it in one step. Second, can silicone underwear be worn on top of two? For women with small breasts, wearing a piece of silicone underwear may not be good enough for the breast shape. Can silicone underwear be worn on top of two? The answer is: it can be worn on top of two. In fact, wearing two silicone underwear on top of each other is equivalent to a thickened cup of silicone underwear, which can increase the shape of the breast, but it does not have a superimposed effect on the gathering effect of the breast. If you don’t wear one more, the gathering effect will be better. To gather the key to the first piece of silicone underwear. You can also directly choose the thick silicone underwear over 2cm, which is more convenient to wear. The above is the dressing skills introduced to you by the custom underwear manufacturer, have you learned it?
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