Correct drying and storage of women's underwear

by:LADYMATE     2022-08-08
In the previous article [It's a bit cold in this winter] underwear factory teaches you how to wash women's underwear, Ladymate Knitting introduces in detail the correct method of washing women's underwear and the matters needing attention. In fact, women's underwear after cleaning also needs to be paid attention to in the drying and storage process. After washing, women's underwear should be squeezed gently. You can also wrap the underwear with a towel or absorbent, squeeze to absorb moisture, shake it a few times, and spread it out. During the drying process, you can use a special underwear hanger to clamp the ends that are not elastic, and put them in a ventilated place to dry. Ladymate knitting should be reminded here that women's underwear should be aired immediately after washing, and should not be placed for a long time after washing, as it is easy to wrinkle or fade, which will affect the wearing comfort later. At the same time, special attention should be paid to the drying process. Women's underwear, especially light-colored underwear, should avoid direct sunlight as much as possible to prevent it from turning yellow and fading. For some places with colder winters in the north, there will be indoor heating in many places. , Maybe in order to make women's underwear dry quickly, hang it directly indoors, in fact, this is not good, and it can also cause women's underwear to turn yellow. The correct method is to first dry in a ventilated place outside, and then put it in an indoor heating environment to dry for two days. Regarding the storage of women's underwear, many people think that women's underwear is ashamed to see people, so it can be hung in a place to avoid leisure when drying, and it is not wrong to store it in a hidden place as much as possible. But we know that women's underwear must be dried in the sun to be sterilized, and women's underwear and bras should be dried in the shade, so as to ensure the strength of their elasticity. Then when storing women's underwear, the bra should be folded, the straps and shoulder straps should be put into the cup, and placed flat on the top of other clothes, or two or three pieces in the drawer should be stacked with a special bra, or hung on a hanger. For women's underwear that has not been worn for a long time, you can put some plastic bags in it, and put a drying agent in it. Do not put it under the heavy objects of the clothes, so as not to cause the deformation of the women's underwear. How about it? I didn't expect that small women's underwear has so much knowledge whether it is washing or storage. Welcome to continue to pay attention to the news of Ladymate knitting! Consultation () --- Editor in charge: Ladymate Knitting All rights reserved (Ladymate Knitting)
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