Comparison of seamless underwear and ordinary underwear

by:LADYMATE     2022-08-16
The weather is hot, and whether the clothing is sticky or transparent, it will accidentally reveal traces of underwear. At this time, the choice of underwear is particularly important. Many people will choose one-piece seamless underwear, one-piece seamless underwear, its characteristics It is completely formed in one piece, with no sewing and no traces. Compared with ordinary underwear, seamless underwear is more comfortable and close to the body, and there is no tight feeling when wearing it, leaving no traces like the second layer of skin. Many people will ask a piece of seamless underwear, is it really a one-piece, and then achieve a seamless effect? There is no harm without comparison. What are the differences between seamless underwear and ordinary underwear? fabric. Underwear is close to human skin, so the choice of fabric is particularly important, especially for sensitive skin. The fabric quality of seamless underwear is light, so that people will not have streaks after wearing, and the elasticity and recovery performance make the breasts as comfortable as being massaged. steel ring. The existence of the steel ring can better support the breast. Although the design without steel ring can fit the chest more comfortably, it cannot play a good supporting role. It is recommended to buy underwear with a soft steel ring design to ensure the support and stability of the breast without feeling restrained. side ratio. If the side ratio is selected correctly, it can effectively side-suck the excess fat under the armpits into the cups, making the entire chest look full and preventing the production of side breasts and sagging. In fact, there are also several styles of seamless underwear, so that you have more choices in summer! 1. One-piece seamless underwear. 'One-piece seamless underwear'! 'Underwear', plus smooth cups, so one-piece seamless underwear is really a seamless underwear. It is more suitable for girls with good breasts of general breast size or small breasts. 2. Glossy seamless underwear. Seamless underwear, also known as 'glossy seamless underwear', is that only the cup surface is smooth, and the other sides or chicken hearts may have decorative elements such as lace and embroidery. Three, super gathered seamless underwear. This kind of seamless underwear refers to those front-button silicone invisible underwear, strap-type drawstring underwear, inflatable cup gathering underwear, etc. These seamless underwear have the same smooth and seamless characteristics, but also have incomparable super The gathering effect is definitely a benefit for girls with small breasts. 4. Half-piece seamless underwear. Half-piece seamless underwear, it is an enhanced version of one-piece seamless underwear. The main purpose is to strengthen the side retraction function of the seamless underwear and add more feminine features to the style design. Because it is more functional, it is suitable for girls who do not have such good chest conditions. Five, vest-style seamless underwear. There are two types of vest-type seamless underwear, sports underwear and sleep underwear. It is characterized by stable and comfortable wearing, which greatly reduces the damage of underwear and foreign objects or external forces. If you want to turn underwear into a piece of decoration, you can choose underwear that can be beautiful and exposed, but if you want to make underwear 'invisible', you can choose one-piece seamless underwear, which can not only shape the perfect chest but also help To achieve your no-mark and no-shadow effect!
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