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by:LADYMATE     2022-02-20
Customized bodywear manufacturers' frequently asked questions and answers to body underwear 1. When is the best time for new mothers to shape their bodies? For a woman who has just given birth, it is the best time to shape her body. Because women eat a lot of nutritious things for the health of their children when they are pregnant, women's fat cells are very swollen and become hypertrophic. After a lifetime, the fat does not return to its original size so quickly. Many women do not know how to restore their body shape after childbirth, so that their body shape is completely destroyed. Due to the hypertrophy of fat cells and the gravity of the center of the earth, fat will go where it should not go and accumulate there. The distribution of fat cells is unreasonable, so the whole person looks bloated and has no sense of beauty. As long as you pay attention to exercise, and add body underwear to give a reasonable distribution of fat, your body shape will definitely be more beautiful than before. 2. Can thin people wear body underwear? Not only is it possible, but it is also very important. Do you know Newton's gravitation? The gravity of the earth is downward, so we can stand on the ground instead of flying in the sky. As people get older, their loose skin goes down, not up. Whether we are fat people or thin people, our skin is sagging downwards. The design of body underwear is completely based on anti-gravity, so we have to wear Bodysuit to prevent and delay our body aging. 3. Can body underwear lose weight? Losing weight is not equal to bodybuilding. In real life, most women are dissatisfied with their figure. For this reason, they have struggled with fat for a long time: dieting, taking weight-loss drugs, exercising, using a fat shaker, applying various drugs and oils for massage, surgical liposuction and breast enhancement, etc., but also face time and money. , Side effects, rebound after cessation of efforts, and many other issues. In fact, fat is the energy of life, and for women it is the source of 'sexy'. At the same time, women’s fat can flow. The design of body underwear is based on this principle. Designed by the golden ratio of the body in different periods, she can guide the growth direction of fat, return the lost, displaced, and sagging fat, and at the same time make the excess fat burn, decompose, and disappear. Long-term wearing can make the body The fat exists reasonably and is distributed evenly according to the 'golden ratio' of the body. The deformed figure is repaired in a standardized manner, so as to achieve the effect of reshaping the charming three-circle curve and keeping the beautiful figure for life. 4. Can body underwear enhance breasts? It's totally possible. Let's first look at the physiological structure of the female breast: the breast is located on the surface of the pectoralis major muscle and is composed of mammary glands, fat and connective tissue. The size of the breast is governed by the amount of fat in the breast. By wearing relaxed body underwear, the fat under the arms and stomach is concentrated on the chest, so that the chest is naturally plumped and has an immediate effect. The reasonable pressure of body underwear acts on the breasts, which can strengthen the glands and connective tissues in the breasts, strengthen and beautify the breasts. At the same time, the special materials of body underwear have a gentle massage effect on the nipples and mammary ducts, which can increase female sex hormones. Secretion, can well regulate female endocrine. After 1-3 months of wearing it correctly, your breasts will change surprisingly. Experts suggest that while breast augmentation, you should pay attention to shaping your body and body, not to be partial. 5. Can body underwear tighten the abdomen? It's totally possible. A smooth stomach and abdomen and a smooth waistline are important signs of a good figure for women. However, with age, gravity, fertility, long-term standing posture, incorrect sitting posture, incorrect underwear wearing and other factors, the waist and abdomen muscles are loosened. It is most likely to accumulate fat and gradually form cellulite, making the body deformed. The reasonable pressure of the waist clip of the body underwear and the trousers can comfortably transfer part of the fat from the waist and abdomen to the chest, which is fixed by the bra, and the rest is consumed and decomposed by the fabric of the body underwear. This physiological pressure It can strengthen the psoas and abdominal muscles and break the fat living environment. Generally, after wearing body underwear for 3 months, you will naturally have a smooth waistline, set off a plump chest, round buttocks, and of course look good. What is the principle of shapewear body fat can flow? The design of body underwear is based on this principle, condensing human beings in structural mechanics, ergonomics, new material science, fiber science, weaving technology, computer technology, etc. The latest achievements in the field, designed in accordance with the golden ratio of women’s bodies in different periods, body underwear can guide the growth direction of fat, return the lost, displaced, and sagging fat to its place, and strengthen the effect of sweating and massage. Promote blood circulation, activate fat cells, help lymphatic detoxification, burn, decompose, and disappear fat. Wearing for a long time can make the body fat exist reasonably, and distribute it according to the 'golden ratio' of the body in a balanced manner, and standardly repair the deformed body , So as to achieve the effect of re-shaping the fascinating measurement curve and keeping the beautiful figure for life.
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