Classification and function analysis of one-piece underwear

by:LADYMATE     2021-12-08
Underwear OEM conjoined underwear is also a relatively common product. Underwear OEM conjoined underwear can be divided into two types: non-beam pressure function and beam pressure function. Underwear with compression function will tie the bra's chest, waist-seal waist, and trousers. The functions of the three basic underwears of the corset are integrated, and the chest, waist, abdomen, buttocks, and hips are adjusted as a whole, so as to avoid the extravagance of the fat that may be collected by the local adjustment. The overall compression of the one-piece corset makes the muscles and fat on the whole torso tighten, so that the body curve is soft and smooth, and the styling effect is achieved. Such corsets are generally worn in dresses, suits, and skirts, and no traces should be revealed. Foshan Boxin Apparel u0026 Underwear Manufacturer-High-end Bodysuit editor to share with you: Therefore, the color is mainly light. There are many flesh-colored and white colors. Especially the flesh-colored one-piece corset can be matched with the outer fabric, even if it is a translucent material, there is no need to worry about showing traces. Remember, this kind of corset, whose main function is to restrain the body shape, must not be exposed to the outside. The disadvantage of this type of corset is that it will feel uncomfortable to wear for too long, and it will also affect the breathability of the trunk skin. Be sure to take off the corset every day when you sleep, even during the body correction period, don’t always wear it. Underwear with no bundle pressure function is mostly made of spandex silk fabrics with excellent elasticity, without special bundle pressure fabrics and seams. The overall tailoring, chest, waist, and hips do not need seams, and looks like a swimsuit. Different from swimsuits, the design does not expand the exposure of the limbs, nor does it focus on the fancy styles, but emphasizes the wrapping of the entire torso. The fabric is often brighter than the swimsuit, but it is monochrome without stitching. Some styles of this type of corset have collars and sleeves, which are the same as 'underwear wear'. This type of corset can be worn with a variety of outerwear, or worn alone on the upper body, and directly equipped with trousers or skirts on the lower body. In terms of body shape adjustment, this type of corset only emphasizes retracting and not pressing, so it is more comfortable to wear. From the perspective of body shaping effect, the softness of the body lines is more prominent, while the compression corset is mainly to highlight the geometric three-dimensional sense of the body. Because this kind of corset is comfortable to wear and it is also obvious in terms of body shape, it has become popular in the autumn underwear market at home and abroad in recent years. The disadvantage of this type of corset is also that it makes the skin insufficiently ventilated, so it is not suitable to be worn on the body during sleep. In addition, it is not as good as the previous type of underwear in terms of breast augmentation, because it does not have a special design to support the breasts, and women with sagging breasts should carefully choose corsets.
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