Choose the right shapewear for your needs

by:LADYMATE     2022-07-28
1. Adjustable bra: It can modify the curve of the chest, make the chest stand up, increase the fullness, and at the same time prevent the double breasts from opening and sagging, showing a beautiful and moving cleavage. 2. Waist: A well-proportioned posture is determined by the waist curve. The design of the waist can create a waistline, raise the position of the waist, and control the accumulation of stomach and abdominal fat. 3. Girdle: It is used to elevate and create a rounded buttock shape, and at the same time, it can inhibit the protrusion of the lower abdomen. The long girdle can also tighten the thigh fat and modify the curve between the buttocks and the thighs. 4. Chest, waist and abdomen three-in-one corset: As the name suggests, the curves of the three parts of the chest, waist and abdomen can be adjusted, and it is stable to wear and not easy to loosen. 5. One-piece full-body corset: from the chest to the buttocks, the body wraps up, in addition to sculpting the curves of various parts, it can still prevent hunchback and correct posture. 6. After a long time of wearing (8 hours a day), it will reach the best position after several months. Therefore, shaping body shape with body beauty underwear can be divided into three stages: fat homing, fat return, fat positioning, a good helper for weight loss and body shaping!
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