Choose the right body underwear method

by:LADYMATE     2021-09-01
1. Properly and accurately measure the current size. With the change of age and weight, the curve of the human body will also change. Every time you buy underwear, it is best to let the shopping guide measure yourself properly and accurately. 2. You don't need to shyly discuss your body shape and choose underwear, and you can openly and frankly tell the shopping guide what you want to think about, for example: want to make the chest look bigger, want to tighten the slack breasts, If you want to make your belly flatter, the proportion of ideal underwear will increase immediately. 3. Know what clothes you often wear. Underwear must not only match the body shape and mood, but also match the outerwear of different places. If the design scheme, fabric, and dress season of the outerwear can be integrated, it can better reflect the taste and self-cultivation of the wearer. When wearing a sleeveless jacket, choose underwear with suspenders retracted inward. Photo. 4. Keep trying on until the deadline is satisfactory. If you are too troublesome and don't want to keep trying on, you won't be able to come across underwear that suits you. For example, corsets of the same type have very big differences in tightness or butt-up. In everyone's life, underwear is indispensable, so how do you choose the right underwear? Ladymate clothing and Bodysuit manufacturers feel that whether you are elegant, active, self-confident, or fashionable, as a contemporary woman, you can fully control your life. Therefore, when choosing underwear, you should be concerned about your life. Shape and personalized match. In addition to conforming to the shape of life, personal products should combine excellent comfort. Considered by women's changing feelings, the appearance may be simple and elegant or gorgeous and complex, showing the distinctive and delicate essence of women; and paying attention to excellent clothing comfort, it is the factor of contemporary underwear raw materials. The application and transformation of raw materials is also the key to the performance of spiritual beauty. Whether it is the selection of high-tech raw materials, or special hand embroidery and lace edges, it must show its unique artistic beauty under the smooth creative performance. style. If there is a simple, no trace design, it is soft and comfortable, which is close to the minimalist style series of feminine second-layer skin. The Shantou Ladymate clothing and Bodysuit manufacturer strives to provide women with products, undertaking contracted labor, packaging materials, package design style OEM (ODM), and sample, material, and payment (OEM) orders. Strictly adopt the new standards and management of the international underwear industry. The main types of factory production (OEM/ODM) are: shapewear series (beauty salon line, linear body line, medical repair type) fast fashion underwear series (mid-to-high-end chain brand) , Wechat e-commerce platform) FOB foreign trade orders (European style, swimsuit, sports type)
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