Characteristics of underwear

by:LADYMATE     2021-10-09
Underwear is a combination of comfort, consideration, fashion, and change.   The following Ladymate underwear manufacturers talk about the characteristics of underwear:    (1) Close-fitting comfort: machine programming production, few cutting, few seams, reducing conflicts, improving comfort, and being more close-fitting.   (2) Perspiration and breathable: Use high-quality face cloth, absorb sweat and breathe, keep the skin dry; washable and easy to dry.   (3) Natural beauty: Special elastic components, not afraid of big movements, smooth operation, well-proportioned upper body function, no trace of pressure reduction.   (4) Environmental protection and health: It can be used in a combination of various fibers, and the use of environmentally friendly fabrics and sponges makes it more healthy to wear.  Underwear has always been a highly recommended part of the clothing and underwear industry in Europe and the United States. Knitting is synonymous with comfort and health, and has always been loved by female friends. In the market, the price of underwear is also included in the high unit price products. Trust In the near future, domestic female friends will pay more and more attention to breast health and trust in underwear more and more!
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