Can body lingerie increase breasts?

by:LADYMATE     2022-08-03
Can bodybuilding underwear increase breasts? A: It is absolutely possible. Let's first look at the physiology of the female breast: the breast is located on the surface of the pectoralis major muscle and consists of mammary glands, fat and connective tissue. Breast size is governed by the amount of breast fat. By wearing a relaxed bodysuit, the fat under the arms and the stomach is concentrated on the chest, so that the chest is naturally plump and has an immediate effect. The reasonable pressure of the Bodysuit acts on the breasts, which can make the glands and pedicle tissues in the breasts strong, and play a role in firming and beautifying the breasts. At the same time, the special materials of the Bodysuit have a gentle massage effect on the nipples and breast ducts, which can increase the number of women. The secretion of sex hormones can well regulate female endocrine. After 1 to 3 months of wearing it correctly, your chest will have a surprising change. More experts suggest that while breast augmentation, we should pay attention to the shaping of the whole body, and we should not neglect it.
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