Are sports bras suitable for everyday wear?

by:LADYMATE     2021-10-19
Sports bra, as the name suggests, is a functional bra designed for girls' exercise convenience. Due to the effect of exercise inertia in the process of exercise, girls will constantly sway and conflict in the chest, which will bring discomfort to girls, and even bring unnecessary strain to the chest. Girls with big breasts have more experience. Therefore, the main function of a sports bra is to wear comfortably, ventilate and dry quickly, and resist shock to alleviate conflicts. Generally, a bra, as a girl’s daily wear, the basic requirement is to wear comfortably, breathe and keep warm, and be natural and healthy. The following bra manufacturers talk about sports bras suitable for daily wear? Sports bras cannot be worn for a long time. The main reason is that sports bras are designed to fix the chest during exercise, resist earthquakes, and have a negative pressure plan, which is about chest compression. When buying sports bras, the cups of general sports bras are one size smaller than the daily general bras. In order to maintain normal blood circulation and smooth breath, it is not recommended to wear it for a long time. Especially nowadays sports bras are too attractive, and many fashionable girls like to wear sports bras outside. The structure of the breast: The breast is composed of breast lobules and duct system, skin fat, and ligaments connected in between. Movements under external forces are very sensitive and can easily cause bruises. During exercise: especially during vigorous running, jumping, playing badminton, tennis, etc., the shaking of the breast can cause damage to the breast and ligaments. In strenuous exercise, the breast swing can reach 14cm. Even for women with A cups, the breast swing can reach 4cm in the strength test. Therefore, during exercise, sports bras are very much in demand. The breast can absorb shock, support and prevent shaking, and the quick-drying material can effectively absorb moisture and perspiration, so as to achieve effective maintenance of the breast during exercise.
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