Analysis of production and sales of body shaping and body underwear processing industry

by:LADYMATE     2021-09-04
There are many manufacturers in the body shaping and body underwear processing industry in China, and the concentration is not high. In the consumption of shapewear products, it has the characteristics of a wide range of consumer groups, consumption habits, and consumption capabilities. According to data from the China Textile Industry Association, the annual sales of the Chinese underwear market is more than 100 billion yuan, and it is growing at a rate of nearly 20% every year. In the overall market, women's body shaping underwear accounts for about 20%, and the market size is about More than 20 billion yuan. From the perspective of consumption, the consumption of shapewear has not simply stayed at the level of functional consumption, but has risen to the level of emotional experience. has become a carrier for women to convey their inner experience. Women usually choose different according to different needs. The consumption concept of body shaping and body underwear products is increasing day by day.  The process of urban underwear foundry is accelerating, and the people's income level has been continuously improved, which has formed a strong purchasing power and promoted the large-scale development of my country's body-sculpting underwear industry. In 2014, the output value of my country's body shaping underwear industry was 12.509 billion yuan, about 15.311 billion yuan in 2015, and about 18.568 billion yuan in 2015. In terms of output, in 2014, the output of body shaping and Bodysuit was about 90 million pieces, in 2015 about 102 million pieces, and in 2016 about 118 million pieces. Shows a growing trend. It is estimated that the market size of my country's body shaping underwear industry in 2017 will reach about 27.114 billion yuan, about 31.213 billion yuan in 2018, about 36.026 billion yuan in 2019, about 41.596 billion yuan in 2020, about 48.118 billion yuan in 2021, and about 55.88 billion yuan in 2022. Yuan.   With the rapid development of society, the improvement of consumer income, people's life experience is becoming more and more abundant, the trend of shape and body underwear market is changing faster, and consumers' requirements for the quality and fashion of body shape and body underwear continue to increase. Body-sculpting underwear has both aesthetics and functionality, and its underwear OEM market share and market position will continue to increase.
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