A strong cold wave strikes, and thermal underwear companies start the winter mode in advance

by:LADYMATE     2022-08-23
A strong cold wave strikes, and the winter mode is turned on in advance. Beginning on November 4, a strong national cold wave has swept across most of my country from northwest to southeast, bringing strong cooling, strong winds, and widespread rain and snow. The cold wave yellow warning message issued by the Central Meteorological Observatory shows that this round of cold wave has a wide range of effects, a long duration and severe cooling. The Meteorological Observatory reminded that this cold wave is coming and the intensity is rare in the same period in recent years. This cold wave will travel all the way through the mountains and will arrive at the level of strong cold air on Sunday afternoon, and then it will affect. At that time, it will usher in a cliff-like cooling and open the winter mode. However, as the cold air moves south, the weather will also clear up, and next week will be a series of sunny and cold days. During the impact period, the daily minimum temperature will drop to about 3 degrees. This cold air is fierce, the temperature drop is large, the low temperature and the strong wind and heavy rain make people feel more cold. I would like to remind everyone to keep warm and cold, especially the elderly and children at home, as well as people with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases. Note, add clothes in time to prevent colds. At this time, it is definitely a good choice to choose a suitable thermal underwear to make yourself no longer cold in this cold winter. However, from the experience of previous years, it will take some time to enter the real winter.
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