A real feeling of 14-month network operation in an underwear manufacturer

by:LADYMATE     2022-08-13
14 months ago, it was just after the New Year. I came to Ladymate Knitting, an underwear manufacturer, to work on the network operation. It has been 14 months today. In the past 14 months, there have been firmness, confusion, and joy in underwear manufacturers, but more of them are helpless……When I first came to Ladymate Knitting, I saw an underwear manufacturer with such a grand and large-scale factory, and I also heard the awareness and vision of the decision-making level of the underwear manufacturer for the company's network marketing. The editor decided to stay, and hoped to realize his wish with the help of the platform of underwear manufacturers. A slight wind blew across his face, and the green branches and leaves swayed under the light. How many nights, in the e-commerce office of the underwear manufacturer, I was alone with the lights on at night. Although I know that the boss of the company is full of expectations for network marketing, I also know that only by quickly producing results and receiving orders can I give the boss confidence. With the development of the Internet to this day, more and more companies including underwear manufacturers have entered the Internet, and the rules and gameplay of major Internet are also greatly changed. It is difficult to quickly achieve good results by simply relying on free methods. But until now, since 2017, the network operation of underwear manufacturers has been done in a free method. Why not pay for a combination? If you think about it, it may have a lot to do with the underwear manufacturers themselves and the characteristics of the Internet. First of all, underwear manufacturers have been relying on the international trade city market stalls for many years to receive orders. Waiting for customers to come to negotiate, you do not need to take the initiative to ask customers, all the initiative is in the underwear manufacturer. However, when turning to the Internet, the previous set of“Hospitality is difficult to play. One of the characteristics of the Internet is convenience and speed, and there are no geographical restrictions; the limitation is that because it is impossible to communicate with customers face-to-face, they can only control the meaning of customers through text communication or telephone communication. This requires a great emphasis on the communication skills of the customer service staff. Therefore, relying only on the Internet unilaterally has a relatively low chance of making an order without meeting. Secondly, it has a lot to do with the cognition of the decision-making level of underwear manufacturers. Do you think that network marketing is the same as traditional ground sales. Since you are hired, it is a matter of course to do everything yourself. In fact, today, when the competition is so fierce, it is becoming more and more difficult for a single soldier to fight, and one person can't handle a team. Therefore, the role of the team is very important, so the so-called team is naturally a division of labor and cooperation, professional people do professional things, and everyone uses their own strengths to achieve a goal together, which itself is currently imperfect in underwear manufacturers. Although the editor came out of an online marketing training company, I also know that a company wants to do online marketing, not just one person can do it, no matter how talented a person is, he is both a general and a soldier. It’s hard to beat a hundred fists with both hands, not to mention that everyone has their own areas of good and bad, such as how to do online planning, promotion, how to do online customer service, etc., but there are also areas they are not good at. Connect with underwear manufacturers, communicate with customers face-to-face to introduce products, etc. Furthermore, the support of underwear manufacturers. Considering that large and small underwear manufacturers are now stationed on the Internet, it is more convenient for customers in need to find manufacturers. The quick response ability and high-quality service ability of underwear manufacturers are particularly important. For example, the production delivery time can be completed in 20 days. The factory said that it will be busy for 50 days now. . The customer who finally made a deal also failed to complete the delivery because he promised the customer's delivery time, which made the customer question the service of the underwear manufacturer. In the past 14 months, I have really witnessed a lot in underwear manufacturers, and the effect of my own network marketing operations is also very obvious, but the results are not satisfactory. More of a feeling of helplessness……--- Editor in charge: Ladymate Knitting All rights reserved (Ladymate Knitting)
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