A kind of punching equipment for swimsuit processing

by:LADYMATE     2022-07-31
Swimsuit processing Swimsuits refer to special clothes for women swimming, as well as men's swimsuits. Swimsuits are different from gym suits. Ordinary swimsuits will not sink when immersed in water. Swimsuits are generally made of textiles that do not sag or swell in contact with water. The varieties include Two-piece and one-piece, two-piece refers to suits with separate tops and trousers, bikini and ordinary two-piece head, bikini is also known as three-point type, its characteristic is that it uses very few materials, and it is undeniable, three-point type swimwear It attracts people's attention. One-piece swimsuits include shoulder straps and tube styles, as well as Chinese-style enterprise collar designs. The shoulder strap swimwear with the upper body like a vest is very traditional and is the style chosen by many people. In fact, the shoulder straps are very traditional. Although the swimsuit is ordinary, the deep open chest and the wrap-around swimsuit are good modifications to the body shape with a narrow top and a wide bottom. At present, the existing punching equipment for swimsuit processing, the staff usually put the swimsuit under the punching equipment first, and then press the swimsuit with their hands to stop fixing, and then stop punching. This method The work efficiency is slow, and when the swimsuit needs to adjust the punching position, the swimsuit is manually stopped to rotate to adjust the punching position, but when the swimsuit is rotated, it will rub against the workbench, and the swimsuit processing will cause certain damage to the swimsuit. .
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