A brief analysis of the 10 major purchase elements of adjustable underwear

by:LADYMATE     2022-01-13
Tell you the 10 shopping elements of adjustable underwear 1. Guaranteed service: high quality and good service quality. 2. Steel ring cotton pad: the place where the chest steel ring presses, there is lymph, so it cannot be compressed, it is easy to produce fibrous cysts, which is the precursor of breast cancer; cotton pads are easy to have cotton wool, which may enter the breast from the nipple. It will block the breast! 3. Connecting body: not everyone's height is the same as the upper and lower body, you should choose a design that separates the upper and lower body! Imagine: if two people, one is 172 in height, and the other is 152 in height, they have the same measurements and wear the same size and height Insufficient clothing length may cause the shoulder straps to compress the shoulder nerves. Short people are prone to looseness in the waist and accumulate fat in the waist. 4. Hip cup: Girls have two pieces of fat on their breasts, so there is a cup design, and there are two pieces of fat on the buttocks, so they must have a hip cup design, and they must have a concentrated dragging feeling when they are worn. 5. Long stretch: Insufficient transverse stretch of stretch, fat mass is easy to damage when stretched in many places, and fat will also shift when the stretch is closed, which may cause improper accumulation of fat. 6. Multi-button: It takes time to wear the hook button, and the fat is easy to cause indentation! 7. It is very convenient to dig a hole under the crotch at first glance. Because of the pressure of the cloth, the fat is easy to accumulate in the hole, and it is easy to rub and break the skin. It is easy to contaminate when going to the toilet, and hygiene needs to be considered! 8. Material: It is related to the comfort and durability of wearing. Synthetic fibers, or space, Lycra fiber, are chemically synthesized, less breathable, and prone to rashes. 9. Leg-lifting line design: The connection between the thigh and the body has an arc and lymphatic distribution. In order not to compress the lymph, the leg-lifting line should be designed at the seam of the thigh. 10. Tailor-made or modified-the speed of fat thinning in each part of each person is different, and it can be modified or tailored to achieve the effect of perfect curve.
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