​5 hard indicators for choosing body underwear

by:LADYMATE     2022-08-03
5 hard indicators for choosing body-building underwear When buying and selecting body-building underwear, first of all, pay attention to its material, because the material determines the quality of wearing, and then it emphasizes other indicators such as cutting comfort and flexibility - Point1: ratio Material Shapewear is generally the clothes worn inside, so it must be soft, comfortable, breathable, and perspiration-wicking. Therefore, you must know the material of the shapewear when purchasing a suitable shaper to avoid irritation to the skin. Point2: The elasticity of the high-quality body sculpting underwear is better than that of tailoring. It can follow the shape of the body, lift the buttocks, flatten the abdomen, and lift the chest. The general principle is to keep the fat in the best position. High-quality adjustment underwear will consider the use of memory alloy technology, so that the wearing time of adjustment underwear can be extended as long as possible. Point3: Strictly speaking, the adjustment underwear is woven. Only weaving can make the material more stretchable. In addition to flexibility, it is also required to have good resilience and not easily deformed. But don't choose the kind of shapewear that is too elastic, because to achieve a good body shaping effect, the shapewear must have a stable size, so it is best to understand it clearly before buying it to see its recovery speed. When purchasing, you can pull it by hand to feel the elasticity and stretch recovery of the product. Point4: Choose clothes with better air permeability than air permeability. Long-term use of shapewear with poor ventilation effect will hinder skin breathing, easily cause folliculitis, and even rough skin. Point5: Look at the product label. When buying body-building underwear, you must read the product label, check the fiber composition and content, model size, implementation standards, etc. Special reminder to check whether the label indicates 'conforms to safety standards: GB18401-2003 ('National Textile Products Basic Safety Technical Specifications' standard number)' or whether it indicates 'B-type products' and other important signs. TIPS: The design of high-quality Bodysuit will consider the principle of ergonomics. It is designed according to the golden ratio of human bones. After long-term wear, it can be adjusted back to a beautiful body according to the golden ratio. There are many styles and functions of Bodysuit, so be sure to try them on when you buy them.
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