5 big misunderstandings about wearing body shaping underwear, you should pay attention to beauty!

by:LADYMATE     2021-09-14
can achieve the effects of breast enhancement, breast lift, thin waist, abdomen, warm palace, beautiful legs, hip lift, flat back, spine correction, and improvement of human sub-health. The health that comes out of wearing, the beauty that comes out of wearing. Showing off a proud curve and having a perfect figure is the common dream and pursuit of women of different ages and regions. But how much do you know about the misunderstanding of body shaping clothes? Misunderstanding 1: Choose too tight Bodysuit, and think that the tighter the tighter the better. This is an extremely wrong statement. The body shape underwear must be designed by professionals to design the dressing plan. . After all, everyone's actual situation is different, and the parts to be sculpted are also different. The so-called tailor-made. A bra that is too tight will only deform your breasts, make it difficult to breathe, and even cause 'green blood disease.' Misunderstanding 2: It is normal to think that it is normal to be strangled by body-shaping underwear. Some people will suffer from waist-stroke pain when they wear body-shaping underwear. Once this happens, remember that there is a problem with the design of the trousers. Misunderstanding 3: You can continue to wear body-shaping underwear if you wear it for a long time, it will become slack. Don't mistakenly think that it must be thin. It may be that you bought a defective product, and there is a problem with the quality of the underwear. Even if it is genuine, generally speaking, a good product can only be worn for at most two years. The sculpting underwear becomes ineffective when it is slack, and it won't work anymore. So don't reluctant to give up your loose underwear because of economy. Misunderstanding 4: Older people with poor body shapes need to wear shape-forming underwear. Then you need to know who is suitable for shape-forming underwear. One is women who need to restore their body after childbirth; the other is women with poor body proportions, such as breasts. Women with flat, sagging buttocks, and thick thighs. There are also those who have local fat, which is difficult to reduce. Generally, women’s breasts tend to sag after the age of 25. At this time, shapewear can be worn to consciously delay the aging of the body. Myth 5: The role of body-sculpting underwear is to lose weight. To understand that one of the purposes of wearing body-sculpting underwear is to control your appetite. The restraint of the waist can prevent you from eating too much at each meal. 8 points of fullness should be the limit. The main function of body sculpting underwear is to adjust the distribution of body fat to make the curve beautiful instead of losing weight.
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