10 questions to pay attention to when cleaning underwear

by:LADYMATE     2022-08-22
1. Soap powder/laundry detergent cannot be immediately stained on underwear. Underwear manufacturers feel that when soap powder/agent and fluorescent bleach are used together, it will cause uneven color tone, fading or discoloration, etc. Melt in water, then put underwear in. In addition, the application of bleach will make the quality of the underwear moldy and discolored, and the application should be prevented, and special detergents should be used as much as possible. 2. Wash in the shortest time possible. Underwear manufacturers feel that hand-washing should be done as much as possible. For example, when washing with a fully automatic washing machine, 3 minutes is enough. Long-term washing is very likely to cause discoloration or dyeing of clothes. Soak darker clothing together. 3. Washing method of gauze clothes. Although gauze clothes are soft and shiny, they are very easy to wrinkle, shrink and be damaged by sunlight. Therefore, it is advisable to use a neutral lotion and hand wash, and then use a pure cotton towel to absorb the moisture. , let it dry. 4. The dark and milky white or light gray clothes must be washed separately, and the milky white and light gray clothes must be separated in the washing machine. When hand washing, it should be cleaned sequentially, such as soaking milky white clothes first, then washing light gray clothes, and finally dark clothes. Be careful not to mix dark clothes with other clothes to prevent staining. Secondly, the clothes with less stains should be soaked first, and the clothes with more stains should be placed in the final wash. 5. Part of the zipper must be pulled up, and the full body corset with the zipper must be closed first when cleaning. The bust size of the theme activity straps (the bust size that can be used as one-shoulder clothes) is best first. Remove the straps of the theme activities and separate and clean up. 6. Clothes with soft rings and zippers should be washed with force. If you wash them by hand, it is very easy to deform the clothes. It is best to use the 'pressure washing method' and 'hand washing method' to wash. 7. The limit of half of the clothes to be put in the laundry net is because the general underwear is made of softer and slender materials, so when washing clothes, follow the label and put them in the laundry net for washing, but be sure to pay attention to what you put in the net. The amount of laundry must be limited to half of the laundry net. 8. At least two laundry nets should be used separately. The purpose is to separate the clothes with metal materials or soft rings, and the clothes without soft rings, to prevent damage to other clothes. 9. In case of deformation of the soft ring, carefully rub it back to its original shape with your hands, and do not rush it into its original shape with force. The key point is to gradually restore it to its original shape. 10. Washing machine (drying) for 30 seconds, put the clothes in the original laundry net to dry (dry), then wrap it with a dry cotton towel, squeeze it by hand, so that the water is digested and absorbed by the cotton towel. It is very easy to wrinkle and damage the material of the clothing if the water is wringed out immediately with both hands.
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